Dengue cases cross 10,000 mark | TODAYonline

The LTA and its contractors yesterday signed the X-Dengue Pledge — which they have done since 2011 in support of ASEAN Dengue Day — to pledge their commitment against dengue on all of its rail and road construction sites. As part of the commitment, a coordinated carpet-combing exercise consisting of fogging, search-and-destroy inspections and housekeeping was conducted across all major LTA worksites yesterday.

And, in the light of the surge in dengue cases over the past few weeks, the LTA also formalised a Dengue Contingency Plan, which will require its worksites to step up vector-control measures if they are situated within dengue clusters. These include increasing frequencies of inspections and housekeeping, as well as monitoring workers for symptoms of dengue fever.

So far, five of the LTA’s 60 major worksites are situated in dengue clusters, with three — Tampines Central, West and East — in high-risk areas. However, no dengue cases have been found in all of the sites.

The LTA’s Deputy Chief Executive Chua Chong Kheng said: “Most of LTA’s projects are situated within the community. With an average of about 22,000 workers at LTA sites on a daily basis, we have a responsibility to prevent the transmission of dengue fever to our workers, as well as to the communities that we work in.”

via Dengue cases cross 10,000 mark | TODAYonline.


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