System to help create database for malaria – Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

One major problem is the massive amount of unorganized information and data about the infectious disease caused by a parasite that is spread by mosquito bites.

But now the Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center and University of Notre Dame are coming to the rescue in a project to download the oceans of data into a cluster of computers that are programmed to organize data, analyze them and provide a user-friendly means to ask questions, develop strategies and mount an efficient, cost-effective strategy to reduce malaria’s alarming death toll.

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has announced a grant of up to $1.6 million to create the computer system for its Vector Ecology and Control Network, or VECNet, which the foundation describes as its international consortium to eradicate malaria. The grant will create the new VECNet Cyber-Infrastructure Network to unite research and industrial and public policy efforts in an effort “to attack one of the worst diseases in the developing world in more effective, economic ways.”

via System to help create database for malaria – Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.


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