S’pore may see worst ever dengue epidemic: NEA – Channel NewsAsia

SINGAPORE: The National Environment Agency (NEA) said Tuesday that the number of dengue cases could hit an all-time high of more than 1000 when the peak season starts in May, cautioning that the country may face its worst ever dengue epidemic.

This is in contrast to about 700 cases reported during the 2005 peak season.

Over 490 dengue cases were reported last week – an eight year high – and NEA said that the situation could worsen as dengue season approaches.

Associate Professor Ng Lee Ching, director of the Environmental Health Institute at NEA said: ”What we have seen is that there’s Dengue-1, genetically quite different from the previous outbreak and it seems to have a pretty high epidemic potential as well. Dengue-1 has replaced Dengue-2 as the predominant serotype in Singapore, which gives us an early warning of the outbreak.

“Looking at the trend, we are going into the hot season with a high base so we cannot rule out the possibility that we will see a higher number of cases than 2005.”

via S’pore may see worst ever dengue epidemic: NEA – Channel NewsAsia.


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