Brazil hit by Dengue outbreak | LinkedIn

…look at Singapore dengue cases since Jan 2013…., look at the chart , it showed dengue cases has up at least 4x based on the past 3 years records. Singapore is a very clean & beautiful small island with highly capable field inspectors, total 500 of them or more today. How come still not able to “clean” up all the wild breeding sites of Aedes spp? or there must be many “natural, hidden breeding sites in the wild” the no body could find! Also the the educational programme were all the while very active you can see so many perfect materials too on the website yet the community participation is far from satisfactorily, this observations are almost similar all over the world in the past 30 years. So could expect better results based on this same method education, community participation, spend 10 min a week to seek & destroy the breeding site since the last 30 years? Anyone looking outside the box at this moment???

via Brazil hit by Dengue outbreak | LinkedIn.


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