Mosquito Control holds 2-day sustainability confab –

Director Michael Doyle said roughly 100 people — 70 employees and 30 invited guests — are scheduled to be on hand for the summit that aims to make Mosquito Control a more efficient and environmentally friendly operation.

But don’t look to the program agenda for clues on what exactly will be discussed. It’s purposefully vague, Doyle said.

“They don’t want to tell people, ‘Here’s what we’re going to do.’ It’s more about what the employees and stakeholders find important, and take it from there,” he said.

Doyle said the idea came from a similar summit he attended last year for a private mosquito control company in Chicago. They spoke about green initiatives and efficiency improvements.

“I thought, ‘I wonder if that would work for us,” he said. “We have people stretched up and down the Keys and people moving a lot of places. People on the ground know better how time is spent and the little things that add up. A big part of this is going to be giving people the opportunity to talk about these kinds of things.”

Those scheduled to participate include Islamorada Vice Mayor Ted Blackburn, Marathon City Manager Roger Hernstadt, county commissioners David Rice and Heather Carruthers, Monroe County Health Department spokesman Christopher Tittel, Keys Energy Services spokesman Julio Barroso and School Board members Robin Smith-Martin and John Dick.

Doyle said they would be asked to provide outside perspectives on how the public feels about Mosquito Control. He said they’d help gauge the district’s “connection to the rest of the community.”

via Mosquito Control holds 2-day sustainability confab –


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