Bedeviled by Dengue | The Scientist Magazine®

In Nicaragua, Harris and UC Berkeley-based researcher Josefina Coloma are working with an international nonprofit group to spur grass-roots community projects to educate residents about the mosquito life cycle, and to motivate them to eliminate standing water that can be a breeding ground for Ae. aegypti. Their preliminary findings showed that community efforts were able to reduce dengue infection. Simply informing people of the link between standing water and disease transmission has had an important impact, Harris says.Indeed, the inability to keep dengue from spreading is a shame, Halstead says. Despite advanced research, he argues, dengue is a disease of medieval sanitation and water systems, irresponsible urbanization, and a lack of basic education about disease spread. “If we stop dengue by immunizing,” without mosquito controls and other prevention methods, Halstead says, “then I would say that human beings have copped out. If dengue [only] ends because of a dengue vaccine, then we’ve failed in our public-health efforts.”

via Bedeviled by Dengue | The Scientist Magazine®.


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