Mosquito Control head in line for a raise –

“When we hired him at $115,000 [per year], we promised him an annual review and we haven’t had that. He hasn’t made any bones about that, but everyone is entitled to be paid fairly and we owe him an annual review,” Bridges said.

Doyle was the entomologist for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Division of Sector-borne Diseases in Fort Collins, Colo., when he was hired in July 2011.

Bridges said Doyle has accomplished great things since taking over for longtime predecessor Ed Fussell.

“He’s led us in a lot of innovative things; he was instrumental in making huge budget cuts,” Bridges said. “I think he’s entitled to an increase in his salary. [But] we’re never going to get to where Ed Fussell was paid,” he said, referring to Fussell’s $185,000 annual salary at the time of his retirement in January 2011.

Discussion of Doyle’s salary is slated to come on the heels of another non-action item on Monday’s board agenda: Whether to lower commissioners’ salary from $21,438 per year to the roughly $5,000 average at 19 other mosquito control districts in Florida.

via Mosquito Control head in line for a raise –


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