Contractor Strikes Deal With Mercury Drug To Distribute Dengue Killer Trap | The Manila Bulletin Newspaper Online

HVC has invested in an OL trap manufacturing facility that it expects to generate profit in three years. The facility in Quezon City is presently running at a capacity of 16 million sachets of the OL trap pellets monthly. It can produce three times that present production given a 24-hour operation.

The elimination of the vector mosquito must be a key to reducing dengue incidence.

The OL trap works by enticing mosquitoes – the dengue virus-carrying aegis aegypti specie – into a black plastic cup with the solution that contains the pellets. The solution then kills the eggs or the larvae of the mosquito – which is why it is called “ovicidal-larvicidal.”

The black plastic cup, a lawanit stick, and the OL trap pellets (four sachets of pellets) are all contained in an affordable kit costing only P20 per kit outside of MDC and P25 at MDC.

MDC also has a P100 packaging that has four kits and another packaging that has 16 OL sachets per pack. The P100 packaging is good for a month’s use since ITDI recommends that each house should keep two OL traps inside their house and another two traps outside their house, according to HVC Vice President Cesar Trajano.   Philippine Council for Health Research and Development director Jaime C. Montoya said a quality control system has been put in place by government on HVC’s OL trap manufacturing.

“Quality assurance protocol is part of the technology development that we funded at DOST. There’s a batch testing from time to time that the company has to conform with,” Montoya said.

HVC has a three-year non-exclusive contract with DOST. While DOST is opening the licensing to other contracts, HVC claims to be presently capable of supplying all of the country’s needs.

It is now also looking at exporting the ITDI-developed product.

“I had calls from Pakistan and Africa regarding the product,” said Trajano.

via Contractor Strikes Deal With Mercury Drug To Distribute Dengue Killer Trap | The Manila Bulletin Newspaper Online.


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