Cuban Pharmaceutical group starts malaria control | (AMMREN) African Media and Malaria Research Network

Ms Ismary Ferro Barrios, a member of the group and a Labiofan Specialist, disclosed these at an outreach programme, organized by the group for the Family Outreach Ghana School, an affiliate of the Family Outreach International in Accra.

She said LABIOFAM was working to control malaria in its areas of operations and explained that: “We educate communities on the importance of environmental cleanliness to control malaria.”

Ms Barrios said that apart from Ghana the programme was being implemented in other African countries such as Burkina Faso, Equatorial Guinea, Zambia, Angola, Tanzania and Nigeria.

She said the programme was adopted by the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS).

Ms Barrios said LABIOFAM was committed to achieving its goals by expanding the programme throughout the country and added that “The MOH provides funding for the implementation at country level.”

She said community participation and labour source management was important to the implementation of the malaria control programme.

Ms Barrios said that ECOWAS approved the construction of a Larvicides plant in Ghana, to produce larvicides for the sustainability of the program in West Africa.

Dr George Serrano, Head of the Cuban Medical Brigade in Ghana, said the group would continue to support the operations of LABIOFAM by providing medical assistance in their various areas of operations.

via Cuban Pharmaceutical group starts malaria control | (AMMREN) African Media and Malaria Research Network.


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