India opens malaria vaccine center : Nature Medicine : Nature Publishing Group

At a ribbon-cutting ceremony here at the Pune International Biotech Park on 30 January, officials from PATH’s Malaria Vaccine Initiative (MVI), the Infectious Disease Research Institute (IDRI) and Gennova gathered to inaugurate a $7.9 million facility dedicated to manufacturing vaccines. PATH put up $3.5 million for the newly launched Gennova Vaccine Formulation Center, with the remaining money pledged by Gennova. The Indian drugmaker will also provide the expertise to support the facility’s construction and operation. The IDRI brings its pipeline of adjuvants to the table.

“I am really very excited about this partnership and the prospects of formulating vaccines in India that will be affordable,” MVI’s director of research and development Ashley Birkett told Nature Medicine.

The new center builds upon a collaboration launched last year between MVI, Gennova and Tulane University in New Orleans to accelerate development of a vaccine that interferes with the malaria parasite’s replication. But the new center won’t be limited to just one disease. “The vaccine candidates for malaria under development at Gennova and by other partners under the MVI-PATH umbrella will get the priority, but we will also be able to work for other infectious diseases like leishmaniasis, tuberculosis and human papilloma virus,” says Sanjay Singh, chief executive of Gennova.

via India opens malaria vaccine center : Nature Medicine : Nature Publishing Group.


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