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Chukwu, who spoke at the inauguration of the 2010 National Malaria Indicator Survey (NMIS) report and the kick-off of the bi-annual states’ programme managers’ meeting, said the amount represented the cost of malaria treatment and prevention, and lost man-hours.

Other worrisome statistics disclosed by the minister indicate that malaria contributes up to a third of all childhood deaths in Nigeria, while 300,000 lives are lost annually. Malaria was also said to affect 70 per cent of pregnant women, and accounts for 11 percent of women who die of pregnancy-related causes.

These statistics unequivocally confirm the great danger that malaria poses to Nigeria. And, we appear to be nowhere near winning the war against the scourge. Different programmes have been rolled out over the years to reduce this gargantuan malaria burden. Nigeria has had the Roll Back Malaria programme and the more recent distribution of insecticide-treated mosquito nets to reduce exposure to bites from the insect that spreads the disease.

via The Sun News On-line| Editorial News.


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