Team given $2 million for work on malaria tests | The Triangle

Research is being done on both the preventative and treatment sides of the disease, which would be vaccines and prescription drugs, respectively.

Drexel is also helping investigators in Mumbai, India to identify new antimalarial components by studying and analyzing various active ingredients of formulas already widely used in Indian clinical studies. This research approach is considered “reverse pharmacology” because the formulas have been introduced into a population. Now, on a molecular scale, their effects are being further analyzed to see what new antimalarial compounds can be identified.

The researchers hope not only that the work will create new drugs but also that unveiling different antimalarial compounds will enable the optimization of current antimalarial drugs that are starting to fail.

The NIH grant follows a previous $1 million grant from Medicines for Malaria Venture, a nonprofit based in Geneva. That particular grant funded research at Drexel for three years.

via Team given $2 million for work on malaria tests | The Triangle.


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