Dengue control: ‘Try fish and sand instead of insecticide’ – The Express Tribune

Tamanna also emphasised the need for community participation in dengue control efforts. In Thailand, two or three volunteers from each community collect data about patient numbers and areas with mosquitoes, he said. They educate locals about preventive measures. Every month, they meet with district officers so both sides can keep each other informed. Hospitals compile data on dengue and DHF patients and provide the information to the public and the health ministry. “Such cooperative measures could help us better analyse the situation here,” he said.

A Shadbagh resident, who volunteers to drain water puddles in his street and educate his community about preventive measures, suggested that a 30-minute session about dengue control be held in each primary school in his area. “Most of the parents have no schooling. The children would be able to pass on safety measures to their families if the EPD initiated such a programme,” he said.

Tamanna said he would propose such an initiative.

Tahira Mariam, the education officer at the EDO (health) office, said successful ‘marketing’ was a key part of getting health messages across to the public. In Thailand, a logo for one public health campaign had become very popular, she said. “If they breed, you’ll bleed,” was printed on a billboard and received a positive response. It was then plastered on buses and trains and made part of television advertisements, she said.

She said another message calling on people to turn over empty containers had also been very successful in Thailand. The disease could be reduced by a great extent by raising awareness, she said. “We just need to have target-specific messages,” she said.

via Dengue control: ‘Try fish and sand instead of insecticide’ – The Express Tribune.


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