CIDRAP >> Mapping studies show scope of P vivax malaria burden

Last year the group issued a map showing where P vivax malaria occurs, but experts asked for one showing where the infections are most prevalent as a tool to help form a strategy to fight the disease, the press release said.

Areas were considered hot spots if infection rates topped 7%, a level considered low for P falciparum, but high for P vivax, because the number represents only infections that are detectable in blood and because disease rates are difficult to reduce, Gething said in the statement.

Two studies conducted in Indonesia to be presented at the meeting suggest that P vivax infections are more often severe or fatal than previously thought. One, conducted by researchers at the Eijkman-Oxford Clinical Research Unit in Jakarta, found that malaria patients at a hospital in the eastern part of the country linked P vivax to severe illnesses and deaths and found that the risk of death was the same regardless of the type of malaria parasite.

Dr J. Kevin Baird, one of the researchers involved in the study, said in the press release that there are little data on how deadly P vivax infections are, “but what data we do have worries me a great deal.”

via CIDRAP >> Mapping studies show scope of P vivax malaria burden.


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